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The Live Clean Story

The story behind Live Clean, Inc. is a true example of entrepreneurship at its finest! Being a residential and commercial cleaning service, Live Clean, Inc. was built and established day by day, customer by customer. We pair honesty with integrity, meticulousness with reliability, and I've had a smile on my face during the whole journey. Ours is a story of simply enjoying helping families care for their home or business. First and foremost, what I have based my whole business and life on is my Christian beliefs. I am a person who likes to surround myself with others who believe in old fashioned "goodness". The customers I seem to attract are the people who really strive to do what is right. They simply want a "good" job done by "good" people.

Our Customers

As the owner of Live Clean, Inc. there is so much to be proud of. I would like to begin with my customers. Our customers are wonderful! They are all just good, hard working families who spend their home time with their kids, homework, meals and get very little sleep. That is why Live Clean, Inc. has been able to become an important family member to so many families. It has been my pleasure to be able to help so many families step through the daily challenges of life and keep a clean house at the same time. Now that is an AMAZING feeling!

Our Staff

Secondly, our high quality and standards are another aspect of Live Clean that I am so proud of. Over the years, we have added customers and added employees all the while trying to be seamless to the customer. Training and personal hands-on training have been vital to the standard and quality that Live Clean stands for. None of this would be possible without my wonderful, dependable staff. I work hard to select ladies that are of the same core as me. First and foremost, I look for "good" people. When I interview people, I am first looking at their heart. I always tell my ladies, I can teach you the quality, but I can't teach you honesty and integrity. You have to come equipped with those tools. I will provide all the other tools! I am so proud to say that I am equipped with simply amazing ladies. They all have a heart of gold and are very conscientious. We are a great team!



Our Experience

I have been cleaning for nearly 30 years here in Cherokee County. I worked alone for years as my children were babies. Initially, I named my business Helping Hands Cleaning Service. That described me pretty well, being a helping hand. Over the years I added one "helper" and then another "helper". Somehow three kids later and many customers later, I found myself not just cleaning houses, but running a small business. In 2009, the time was right. I finally became incorporated and bought two cars for my day crews. At this point, Helping Hands Cleaning Service became Live Clean, Inc. A new logo and a fresh look were like a burst of fresh air. The name Live Clean, Inc. proudly reflects my inner soul as well as my desire to help families keep their homes and offices clean.

-Tracey Satterfield, Owner

Live Clean, Inc.

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