Individualized care for each business


Live Clean is proud to be servicing may types of businesses right here in Cherokee County.  The types of business vary from Medical to Day Care, Insurance to Construction & Destruction Companies, Veterinarian Clinics to Therapy Clinics, Subdivision Clubhouses to Real Estate Properties, and plant facilities to one room offices.  Live Clean, Inc. has the staff and experience to handle any type of commercial building no matter how big or how small.

Live Clean works hard each and every day to provide high quality cleaning to offices. You will find we operate above and beyond "general cleaning" because Commercial Cleaning can be quite different from Residential Cleaning


When you run a business, there's enough to focus on without having to worry about whether your office is clean. We help keep business moving as usual. Not only does your office look neat and professional, but with germs at bay, your employees will thank you for a safer, healthier workplace. Employees can be really sensitive regarding their desk areas, so we are careful not to disrupt any paperwork, files, or any personal belongings on an employee’s desk. Whether you have 300 or 30,000 square feet, we work with you to ensure that when you turn on the lights each morning, your office will rise and shine!

Each facility has its own unique requirements, but the following is a list of general duties regardless of the nature of the business.


Our Services include:


  • Dusting of all surfaces, including blinds, computer screens, desk, baseboards and sills
  • Cleaning, sanitizing and restocking supplies in restrooms
  • Kitchens cleaned, microwaves cleaned, coffee areas cleaned
  • Detailed cleaning of light switches and fixtures, vending machines, rails, door handles and other high-use areas
  • Trash collection
  • Carpet vacuumed
  • Clean all hard-surface floors (not including stripping & waxing)
  • Clean glass on all entry doors, inside and outside
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Nearly anything else we see that needs attention

This does not include any outside cleaning of facility.


Service Schedule Options

Option 1: Once a Week Service

Live Clean, Inc. will clean every week. A thorough cleaning will be provided each visit. All bathrooms, kitchen area, dusting, trash, glass, and floors will be thoroughly cleaned each visit.

Option 2: Every Other Week

Live Clean, Inc. will provide a head to toe cleaning to put the building in good shape. After the initial cleaning, the building will be ready for a weekly maintenance. All bathrooms, kitchen area, dusting, trash, glass, and floors will be thoroughly cleaned.

Option 3: Once a Month

Live Clean, Inc. will clean once a month. A thorough head-to-toe cleaning will be provided including bathrooms, cobwebs, dusting, baseboards, window sills, floors (vacuumed and mopped), lots of interior of windows, lunch/breakroom, and restrooms area, etc. EVERYTHING!!

Option 4: Multiple Visits Each Week

Many high needs offices such as medical type offices or offices with high traffic need multiple visits from Live Clean.  This type office requires special attention to detail to help care for the high traffic need or the high sanitation needs of medical situations.



  • You will be invoiced the 1st of each month for the upcoming month.
  • Payment is due upon receipt.
  • Price quoted is for a six month period. Please note that adjustments to price can be made after a six month period.
  • Payment can be made by credit card, online bill pay or check.
  • Services may be stopped for delinquent payment.
  • A service charge of $25 will be charged for all checks returned for insufficient funds.
  • Due to our emphasis on our faith and our families, Live Clean gives their employees time off for the Christmas and summer seasons. We are closed each year from December 24 – January 1. We pray that you also enjoy your families during the celebration of Christ's birth. Our office is also closed each year for the week of Independence Day (July 4th) so our employees can enjoy vacation with their families.